どうしてコラーゲンを使うべきか/Why do we need to use collagen

#body Oct 31, 2019

The human body is mainly made of water, fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Collagen is a protein that fills the body. The body is made of collagen such as skin, hair, nails, bones, ligaments, blood vessels, internal organs, and muscle tissue.

So why should we use collagen?

1. Good for the skin.

Collagen is like cement that fills cells and holds the body like an adhesive. 75% of skin protein is made of collagen. So lack of collagen can cause wrinkles on the face. From around 20, collagen production begins to decrease by about 1% every year. This means that 25% of collagen will be lost by age 45. So taking 5-10 g of collagen every day is very important.


2. Good for joints 

Insufficient collagen destroys the cartilage needed to protect the joints. Loss of cartilage cushion between joints can cause chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and inflammation 


3. Strengthen bones 

65% of human bones are mainly calcium and phosphorus, and the remaining 35% are made of organic protein substrates, of which about 90% are made of collagen. To keep your bones strong and flexible, it is important to take 5 g of collagen every day.

 4. Strengthening arteries

Collagen maintains the elasticity of blood vessels and prevents arteries from becoming brittle like skin and ligaments 

5. For strong muscles

 10% of muscles are made of collagen. Taking enough collagen prevents muscle loss and helps muscle growth.

6. Awsome intestinal health

By taking collagen, it eliminates gaps in the intestinal mucosa barrier, suppresses inflammation, and enhances the function of the immune system.

So what kind of collagen should I use?

Of course, you can get collagen from food. But hydrolyzed collagen peptides are easy to be absorbed by the body because of their small molecules. There are also two types of collagens, animal-derived collagen, and fish-derived collagen, but fish-derived collagen is said to be more easily absorbed. Try both and use them which one you like.

Also, taking vitamin C together will be more effective.

Ingested collagen will disappear after approximately 24 hours after being absorbed by the body, so take 5g to 10g daily.

I drink collagen with coffee and soup every day. You should try it. It has almost no taste. But I still have to mix with drinks or soup to get rid of the smell.

One more thing, collagen cosmetics doesn't really make sense. Because collagen molecules are big, and the skin is designed to keep such substances out. So even if you buy expensive beauty cream, it is a waste of money.

That's all for today. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Thank you for watching. See you next time.




1. 肌にいい。

コラーゲンは細胞と細胞の間を埋め合わせるセメントのようなもので接着剤のように体を保持します。肌のタンパク質の75%はコラーゲンでできています。だから、コラーゲンが足りないと、顔のしわの原因になります。20すぎる頃から、コラーゲンの生産が毎年約1%減少し始めます。ということは45歳までには25%のコラーゲンをなくすということです。だから、毎日5〜10 gのコラーゲンをとることは、とても大事なことで。

2. 関節にいい


3. 強い骨をつくる

人間の骨って65%は主にカルシウムとリンで、残りの35%は有機質のタンパク質でできていて、そのうちの約90%はコラーゲンでできています。強くて柔軟な骨を保つ為に、毎日5 gのコラーゲンをとることは重要です

4. 動脈のために











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