About me


Hello there! I'm Tori Kitagawa, and I'm so happy you're here. It feels like we're meant to meet.

Being a mom, a certified holistic health counselor, a transformation coach, and yes, even a hairstylist, I've had my share of life's whirlwinds. It's a journey, isn't it?

Choosing a path that resonates with your heart, a path that can truly transform your life, is about so much more than just ticking off boxes. We all know what we 'should' be doing, don't we? But sometimes, it feels like there's something deeper stopping us.

Let me share a secret: I've been there too. I've felt stuck, I've felt unfulfilled, and now, I want to walk beside you as you find your own path to unlocking your brightest potential.

Here's a little bit of my story:

I'm originally from Japan, part of a family of hairstylists. Moving to the USA in 1993 brought on its own set of challenges: weight gain, a sense of being trapped in a cycle of diets, and feeling lost amidst the hustle of being a mom and building a career.

My Turning Point:

One day, it clicked. Real change wasn't about chasing the next diet; it was about a profound shift in mindset and transforming my approach to life.

So, how can I be there for you?

My journey to figure all this out was a winding road, but I made it through! Now, my heart's desire is to help you find your own shortcut to a transformed life.

Feeling stuck, whether in your career, personal life, or health goals, doesn't have to be permanent. Together, let's:

  • Clarify your vision and dream a little about your goals
  • Strategize your transformation by gently uncovering what's been holding you back
  • Upgrade your skills and mindset for lasting change
  • Create a space that supports your journey
  • Boost your mental well-being and cultivate a mindset of abundance

My heartfelt advice? Don't wait. Start living a life that feels like your own beautiful story. If you're ready to take that step, let's have a chat. Just click here to schedule a free conversation with me.

I'm so looking forward to connecting with you! Feel free to drop me a line at [email protected] with any questions or just to share your thoughts.





“Who am I ?” ライフコーチ、ライフトレーナー、ヘルスコーチ、ダイエットコーチ、ヘアースタイリスト、そしてママ。。。







”I have EVERYTHING I want and I need.” もちろん、人生のゴール、目標はもちろんあります。人生って100%Happy っていうものfじゃないんです。50%ポジティブ 50%ネガティブ。でも、私はどんなネガティブな時にでも対処できる自信があります。自分で言うのも変ですが、ほんとうに”I LOVE MYSELF AND MY LIFE.” でもここまでたどり着くのに努力はしました。

絶対にあなたに伝えたいアドバイスの1つは、「今決断する」ことです。待つ必要はありません。諦めないでください。”Never too late”。もし私にできるのなら、あなたにも絶対出来ます。お手伝いさせてください。

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