How to avoid getting HANGRY

body Jan 16, 2018

Hey, this is Tori with Kick-Ass Life with, and I help busy kick -ass moms who want to lose weight, get healthy and look good naked.
Have you been hangry lately? You were too hungry and got irritated and angry. I used to. Like when we went road trip, I got so hungry and started yelling my ex ” I need to eat now. Just stop whatever you see next one.” I was seriously angry at him for no reason.
Back then I was eating a lot of low-fat, high carb processed foods like a rice cake, pasta, and bread with fat-free butter-like spread. I was a sugar burner. What sugar burner basically is, when you eat food, your body digest carbs and turn into glucose and eventually it either goes into cells or Now I eat pretty high fat, Low carb; I became a fat burner meaning, my body knows to burn stored fat for the source of energy when no foods are coming in. Now I can easily go 12 hours without eating between dinner and breakfast. That was unthinkable back then. So if you think you are sugar burner, there is a hope. Today I want to talk about how to avoid becoming hangry. You know who I am talking to. Make sure to listen till the end of the video.

When we eat carbs especially highly refined carbs such as bread, pasta, and cookies, they turn carbs into sugar then glucose in your body. Then insulin which is hormone comes out from your pancreas, and it helps to move glucose into the cells. The problem is that highly processed foods are broken down into glucose fast that means a large amount of insulin comes out then move glucose out of your blood quickly. Then all the sudden your blood sugar level drop. Meanwhile, your brain thinks that “ Oh no. Emergency. Eat more carbs to get more energy.” Your brain thinks it’s a threat. The thing is your brain weight only 2 % of your body but it uses up 20-30% of your energy, and your brain depends on glucose.

When your brain thinks it’s threat, your body release stress hormones and makes you believe something bad is going to happen like a tiger is about to eat you.

So not only you are super hungry, but mentally you are irritated and stress out.

So how to avoid becoming hangry?

#1 Stop eating processed highly palatable and processed food such as bread, chips sort of things and sugary stuff. Especially for breakfast. Pancakes with syrup and orange juice. Or chocolate chip muffin and late? They are the worst things you can eat, to be honest with you. Have you experienced that after a huge meal, you go into a food coma? That is what happen when you eat a large amount of food especially carbs. 
So make sure to eat protein at each meal. Consume good fat like avocado, nuts and grass-fed butter. Eat lots of vegetables because they are high fiber food and help to slow digestion and your body absorb vital nutrients from foods. Eat carbs with lots of fiber such as sweet potato, brown rice, whole wheat and lentil and beans if you are not sensitive to them. I must say I love cheesecakes, carrot cakes, and chocolate. But I chose not to eat every day.

When you stop eating highly processed food too often your body becomes more sensitive which is good. So If your want to be nicer and have a better mood and not getting angry at people around you, you need to change your eating habit. Eat good fat, eat protein each meal, eat way less processed carbs. You can totally survive without eating toast and bagel in the morning. Let me know what you think about this video.

I hope you get something out of this episode. Don’t give up; you are so much more and better than you think you are. You are the one who creates the life you love. Please join my private Facebook group at Kick Ass weight loss project. And please check out my website at and subscribe my video blog where  I coach you a bite size advice, tips, and life hacks that you can apply to your life right away.
Thank you for watching, and I will see you next week


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