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I wasn't always happy with how I looked, actually, I was never happy with my body.....

My name is Tori. I am a wellness transformation coach. 

As a single mom, certified holistic health counselor from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, certified life coach and a hairstylist, I understand how busy you can be. 

Irrespective of how busy life keeps you, when it comes to eating right for your body and exercising regularly, all you need to do is make the right choices. We know exactly what we should be doing but somehow, we just don't act on it. The hardest part is to apply it and stick to the plan. That is why I am here! I understand how you feel because I was there. I can help you to end the battle with weight.

My Story 

Born and raised in Japan, I belong to a family of hairstylists. However, it was in the year 1993 when I decided to move to the USA and it was around this time that I started to gain weight like a lot. The junk food was one of the biggest reasons behind my weight gain. So I tried controlling my diet and struggled to lose weight by a fad diet. But after losing some weight by following one specific weight loss plan, I binged and as a result, gained all the weight that I had once lost all over again. I was caught in the vicious cycle of "Yo-Yo Dieting". With two kids, career, aging, and exercising and a host of other things that life throws at you to handle, I felt exhausted, miserable, old, and tired.

After trying every diet and setting unrealistic goals for a very long period, I decided that I was going to figure this out. I realized that if I wanted to lose weight and feel happy about myself, I need to change myself and trust myself. I also realized I had to give up on this mindset of dieting and incorporate changes into my lifestyle and make much more healthy choices for me.

How Can I help?

It took me a long time to figure this out, but I figured it out!I want to help you save both your time and efforts by guiding you. I know if I can lose weight, then you can too!

It is never too late to lose weight. Whether you are searching for a partner or even if you simply want to look and feel better by losing weight, I am right here to help you. 

  • Clarify your vision and goals with me
  • Prepare a definite strategy and plan of action to reduce weight gradually
  • Upgrade your skills and follow steps that will prove useful in losing weight in the long run
  • Improve and create the right kind of environment.
  • Enhance your mental ability and brain

One piece of advice that I would definitely want to give you is to "Stop procrastinating". No more waiting. Start living a life you truly love and dream of. Click here, if you wish to schedule a chat with me for free.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] for any further queries and clarifications. 


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