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This is Tori, your certified health coach and creator of kick-ass life with How are you guys? Today I want to talk about pizza and ice cream. Well I mean how to say no to pizza and ice cream. If you are like me, someone's always bringing donuts at work or moms are offering birthday cake at a kid's birthday party or your kids want you to make mac and cheese, order pizza and get some ice cream so you can't always tell them to eat steak and salad you know
. Sticking to a keto or low carb diet is hard enough how can you say no to all the comfort foods every day?
Here are five simple strategies to help you stick to a healthy eating plan (even when you’re surrounded by non-dieting friends and loved ones).
1, Out of sight out of mind
The best way to avoid foods that you don't want to eat is not to buy them. So if you live alone, this is it. Don't invite your enemy into your house. Don't fool yourself by saying stuff like " I should have candies in case my sister bring her kids".And if they are really coming to visit you, you can just run to the store and get them. So no, don't buy them. You know you are going to eat them. I used to buy this potato chips and I tell myself that “ It’s for my kids” but then 80% of the time, I was the one who was eating it and kids didn't even like them. I was totally fooling myself! Instead, stock with apple and peanuts butter, yogurt and berries, nuts, and seeds homemade baked sweet potato chips if you are carb backloading.
2. Tell people that you decided to lose weight and become healthier and you are not eating ..... Ask your loved ones not to offer you food as gifts or eat in front of you. No matter how strong you are, you can’t stare at foods that you are avoiding in the face every day without your willpower breaking down. Seriously tell them how important for you to eat healthily. You don’t have to tell them to stop eating but just not in front of you if they can. Or ask them to join your weight loss journey You never know. One thing about high fat, super low carb way of eating, people are going to tell you " That's not healthy" OMG it's bad for you" " What about cholesterol" " You need to eat oatmeal" " Eating meat is bad for you" Blah Blah Blah, and if you are doing intermittent fasting, people will tell you" you shouldn't skip breakfast. breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you don't eat, you get fat". I heard all. You know what? Do nothing. Just focus and believe that you can lose weight. Dedicate at least 6 weeks and see how you feel. You should see a huge change by then and if you are feeling awful, you can always stop. Eating high fat for six weeks is not going to give you a heart attack. Trust me.

3. Find Substitution. Learn to cook tasty meals and snacks by preparing a healthier version of foods that you love. Google and find interesting recipes. You’ll find that watching others eat the bread and brownie won’t be so hard. One thing I do now is that I eat a huge meal at night 2,3 hours before my bedtime. I no longer need to snack after dinner. I used to believe that dinner should be salad and chicken breast. If not, you get fat. That's a lie. You know you can't eat fattening stuff at night right? But then I got hungry, and I was looking for something to eat in the kitchen at 10 PM.

4.  Share the Health. Make the foods that everyone craves in a more healthful way. Use olive oil instead of vegetable oil such as corn, canola, and soy. Choose organic chicken instead of factory chicken, wild caught fish instead of farm-raised fish. Start movement. You have the power to change yourself and around you.

5. Be Reassuring. Even when people around you say you are perfect the way you are, reassure them that your weight loss goals are driven by health, not only vanity and that losing extra pounds will help ensure a better future for you and boost your confidence. And make sure to let your boyfriend and husband know that you will look good in naked!

Today’s lesson.
When are you going to tell your partner, friends, and coworkers that you are serious about becoming healthy and losing weight? Set a date and start planning. They might want to join you, and that is even better.
Follow these five simple steps, and you won’t fall off the wagon, you are the wagon yourself.
That’s it for now.
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Looking forward to seeing you here again soon. Create a life you love, and start living a kick-ass life today.

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